What are events?

Our server is a vanilla no- PvP experience however this does not mean we do not enjoy experiencing new mechanics, PvP or Game-modes. For this reason, we’ve committed to weekly events on our server where we run Game-mode style maps. These maps are hand picked by staff members or suggested by our community and run on weekends. Open to everyone on the server they allow the community to join together, at one time, to feel interconnected and ultimately enjoy playing the game with one another.

Maps we generally run include crafting cube, a fast paced crafting game, sprint racers, a Mario kart style racer, Pixel party, a mini-game PvP map and Ultra Hard-core, a last person/team PvP game mode. Occasionally we run events more frequently, this is the case with Ultra hard-core events which run in the week. These are just an additional event to the current events and information regarding these is found either in the #events channel or on our UHC page here.

Sprint Racer

Sprint Racers is a Mario-Kart inspired racing minigame where players compete to win races on over 29 unique maps! Gain speed over time, and lose it when you take damage.

Take damage you say? Well there are many, many power ups you can collect along the way which you can use to give your self an edge, or cause irriversible harm to your friendships by using them against others. More information can be found here.

Pixel Party 2

The mini games can be split into two categories, direct PvP and indirect PvP. The direct games include Meltdown a splef type game however this time the snow has layers and also slowly melts. Icey archers has you build up a quick glass base and then fire arrows at each other until only one remains. Final show down where everyone gets regenerating rapid fire cross bows with fireworks. Santa's standoff a game where you search for loot in presents and attempt to kill everyone else.

The indrect games include present hunt here presents are all over the island and you have to collect as many as posible. Meat lovers where you have to kill animals for their meet and deliver it to a villager. Vortex where holes appear in the world and you've got to hook people in to kill them. More information on this game may be found here.

The Crafting Cube

The Crafting Cube is a mini-game where players compete to craft an item as fast as possible. Players will be transported into their very own chunk containing a custom biome full of resources. Just like in survival, each player then races to collect resources and craft the goal item to win. There are over 50 different items randomly chosen! More information can be found here.


Bolt is a fast-paced bow game with a general aim of shooting each other to achieve a range of objectives in 5 different gamemodes across 8 maps! As well as this, there are a lot of options from respawn time to killstreak items, and with most modes having customizable win conditions, you can adjust the setting for flags required to win on Capture the Flag, kills needed on Free For All, and more!

In the game, there is a range of killstreak items, such as slime traps - perfect for annoying opponents - and paint traps which work like landmines. You can also get special items that wipe out every player! Be careful with how you use them however, as they even kill your own teammates! More information may be found here.

Join Us

Dominion is a tight knit community server that has recently seen a significant increase in popularity. Due to this, we will now only be accepting great/exceptional applications.

If this server seems like a good fit for you, please take your time in filling out your application and be sure to be clear why you think you would be a good fit for our community.

To apply join our discord server and apply with the form and instructions in the #whitelist-applicaiton channel.

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