Trust and Trade

The entire server is free and open with no formal build protections. This means in theory you can steal from any player at any point however doing so is against our rules and will land you with a ban. Having no build protections or using plugins such as Towny means that our world looks far more natural and in spawn shops occasionally share chunks.

Shops are operated with chests and signs which simply denote the price for good and the goods sold. The price is placed in the chest and the goods taken. Trade is a key part of our server and has led to a lot of projects gaining progress much faster than they would have alone. This trade is apart of the community values and collaboration which takes place on the server.

Community Projects

Community projects are any project which involves multiple people coming together to produce a common goal. The spawn areas are community projects although most projects are separate and far away from spawn. Our players have started over ten large projects and these are open for any member of our community.

To facilitate the projects discord channels are freely created and interested members can gain access to them. Currently there are several spawn led projects, Star Wars based, Fantasy, Harry Potter, Explosions, studio Ghibli and so much more.

Frequent Events

Our server is a vanilla no- PvP experience however this does not mean we do not enjoy experiencing new mechanics, PvP or Game-modes. For this reason, we’ve committed to weekly events on our server where we run Game-mode style maps. These maps are hand picked by staff members or suggested by our community and run on weekends. Open to everyone on the server they allow the community to join together, at one time, to feel interconnected and ultimately enjoy playing the game with one another.

Maps we generally run include crafting cube, a fast paced crafting game, sprint racers, a Mario kart style racer, Pixel party, a mini-game PvP map and Ultra Hard-core, a last person/team PvP game mode. Occasionally we run events more frequently, this is the case with Ultra hard-core events which run in the week. These are just an additional event to the current events and information regarding these is found either in the #events channel or on our UHC page here. General event information can be found on our Events page.

Communication and Competitions

Our server uses Discord as it’s main form of communication. This is the platform for organising markers on the Dynmap, goods and trade, polling changes and talking about non-Minecraft related subjects. We see Discord as the main key to transparency and part of this is in announcements for backend changes, polls for mechanical changes and our blog where we lay our finances on the table.

Discord plays host to a monthly competition channel. This is a screenshot competition as a little added fun to the general events. People submit screenshots within a given theme and finally a server wide poll is added. This brings the server together to show off their creativity within the server and allows others to see into the creative minds of our community.

A helping hand

Apart from spawn being a safe place to play and trade, there are several pieces of infrastructure to help new players. From spawn new players may travel west to the Inn which contains starter gear, food and even a place to sleep. If you need to travel far out, you may use our nether hub via the portal near where the spawn is. This hub stretches out for several thousand blocks in all directions and is an easy way to move to and from spawn.

If you need to know where to build why not use the Dynmap here which shows you exactly where we consider to be Spawn. Our markers on this map are a good way to scout a good area to start playing and ensuring you’re not too close to others. During the whitelist process you will be sent a short introduction video to the server which goes through several helpful tips to our server as an extra bonus. If that’s not enough we also have a guides channel in the Discord and on this website with some of the more technical items and we’re adding to this all the time.

All this together makes up what we hope is a complete package to ensure everything you need to know or do can be found in one of these tools.

This is just a taste!

Our server also offers a creative world where you may collaborate with other members on builds and use mods such as Litematica to build your creations on the survival server. We are actively open to suggestions with a channel devoted to changes and a polls channel for placing suggestions up to a server wide vote.

We recently were involved in a joint event with another server and hopefully will again leading to much larger events. We run our server on an appeals system in order to avoid bans the whole staff team wouldn’t agree to, this allows anyone to appeal to a ban. The staff member who made the call to ban the member doesn’t get a say in the appeal decision leading to hopefully a fairer system.

All this combined should convince you,
Dominion is the place to be!

Join Us

Dominion is a tight knit community server that has recently seen a significant increase in popularity. Due to this, we will now only be accepting great/exceptional applications.

If this server seems like a good fit for you, please take your time in filling out your application and be sure to be clear why you think you would be a good fit for our community.

To apply join our discord server and apply with the form and instructions in the #whitelist-applicaiton channel.

Discord Link