Our Philosophy

Our server holds five main philosophies at heart in order to provide the best Minecraft experience to players. These are outside of any specific changes to the server and are instead the first foundational layer to our server.

Protected Experience

We will never add any game modes (Towny, Factions, Mini-games etc) and we will never add anything which will fundamentally make the game different, easier or harder (mcMMO, rankings).

In addition, while Dominion does provide a Donator rank, this is purely for players who wish to give back and help fund the server. Donators do not and will not ever receive any benefits beyond priority access to a full server.


We think it is important for our players to know where their money is being spent and ensure that every penny goes toward running the server and not somebody’s grubby back pocket.

We are also transparent about any issues that may arise such as dismissal of staff, banning of influential players and integrity changes to how the server functions.

Community Voice

We welcome feedback and honest opinions any time and use it to make changes for the betterment of the player experience and community.

If we are ever going to make a change to dominion, be it a new plugin, a config change, or anything that would affect the vanilla or community dynamic, it will be polled. Polled content/changes only take effect if the community votes at a 75% approval rating. If a poll fails, we look at why it fails and then make changes until the vast majority of our player-base are content.

Working Together

To create a space for players to come together and play Minecraft without limitations set by gamemodes. So to bring players together, we work on large projects such as shopping districts, minigames, mega builts… and also run exciting events such as Race for Wool and PvP tournaments. Above all else, Dominion is about playing with other people!

New Content Now!

Because of our server being mostly vanilla, it allows us to update our server almost right after a new major update is released. This means you will be able to play the newest official content right away without having to wait around.

Join Us

Dominion is a tight knit community server that has recently seen a significant increase in popularity. Due to this, we will now only be accepting great/exceptional applications.

If this server seems like a good fit for you, please take your time in filling out your application and be sure to be clear why you think you would be a good fit for our community.

To apply join our discord server and apply with the form and instructions in the #whitelist-applicaiton channel.

Discord Link