Towny is a plugin which helps you protect your own land by teaming up with other players and forming communities based around two systems, towns and nations.

The simplest way to begin with towny is to request an invite to a town and then type /accept [town name] once it has been sent.


  • Joining a town
  • Being a Resident
  • Forming a town
  • Managing a town
  • Managing a nation

Joining a Town

In order to join a town, you must be invited. Then you'll see in the chat a message as below:

The yellow highlight sections will be whichever town has invited you. Once you receive this message you can simply type the accept or deny request commands. If you choose to accept then you are a resident and can use the commands.

Being a Resident

As a resident, you can own land, shops, interact with farms and most importantly protect your own resources. Your town will gain the potential to claim more land due to you being a part of it and so the management of the town is likely to offer plots for you to build.


As a resident, you can teleport to the town spawn, the nation capital, and your town's outpost if you happen to have a nation or outpost. These commands are listed below:

  • /t spawn - Will spawn you at your towns spawn.
  • /t outpost - Will spawn you at your outpost spawn if your town has claimed one
  • /n spawn - Will spawn you at your nation capital if your town is in a nation


Towns can charge taxes based on residency, number of plots claimed and types of plots claimed. The town you are in should list these prices before hand otherwise you can ask someone in your town. These will be taken from your inventory or vault, see Economy for more information.

Taxes are collected once every 24 hours to know when the next collection will take place you can type /towny time and it’ll tell you.

If you type: /towny prices you’ll get a response as below:" width="624"/>

The # will contain the prices for these various plot types. The ones you need to be concerned about are in the section labeled [Taxes].

  • Resident - the taxes for being apart of the town
  • Plot - the taxes per plot you own
  • Shop - the taxes per shop plot you own
  • Embassy - Not really valid for a resident however these are prices for other towns owning plots in your town.

Additionally you can see how much you’ll be paying the next day by typing /resident tax.

Claiming Plots

As you walk around or a member of the town management shows you around, you'll no doubt come across plots which are for sale. You'll know this because in the chat box the words: 

[For Sale: 0.0 Gold]

The gold amount is the amount the plot is on sale for and this means you can claim this plot for your own.

To do so simply type: /plot claim

You will then have money deducted from your inventory or vault and will own this plot. As long as you own that plot only you, your friends and town management can open chests or build/destroy on this land.

Talking to Your Town

If you are in a town you get access to a private chat room along with your nation if you have one. You can either enter the chat room by typing the command and pressing enter or typing the command followed by a space and whatever you’d like to talk about.

  • /tc - Town chat, only other residence can see this.
  • /nc - Nation chat, only other members of your nation can see this.

More information can be found on the page on chat.


Your town may have setup farms for residents to use, you’ll know because as you enter the word “Farm” will show up. This will allow you to build/destroy crop like blocks listed below:

Long Grass, Double plant, Yellow Flower, Red Rose, Pumpkin Stem, Melon Stem, Beetroot Block, Carrot, Potato, Crops, Melon Block, Pumpkin.

It’s good practice to replant any crops you use, try to respect your fellow residence! Additionally you can kill certain animals, these are listed below:

Pig, Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Mooshroom.

It’s also good practice to both not kill every animal but also not to over breed, there are certain limits to how many mobs can be on a chunk and over breeding may cause other nearby farms to lose animals.

Shop Plots

Your town may have some rules on where shops can be placed. Even though shops can be on any plot within a town, it is good practice to use the shop plots. You can place down chest shops on these plots to learn more about them please click here.

Forming a Town

If you’re an aspiring mayor of a town, you can take the plunge to form your own town and claim land for you and your residence. It is highly recommended that you join a town before forming one as you’ll be able to gather supplies and protect your gathered gold.

Starting Checklist

This checklist has only two requirements and several recommendations for starting a town.

Requirements checklist

  • Enough gold to found the town, found by typing /towny prices
  • A space which is more than 10 chunks from another town

Recommendations checklist

  • Resources to build your first house
  • Enough gold to remain a town for a few days
  • A good name planned

If you’ve gotten everything sorted you might also want to take a look at the server map by clicking the link on the website. Make sure you’ve a good location which is far enough from a town to not be considered claim blocking.

How to Start a Town

Stand where you’d like your home block to be and type: /t new [name].

The home block will be where you stand and you’ll be able to claim more land touching any plot you’ve already claimed.

The first thing you need to do is setup your town vault by placing a sign on a chest with the first line being [townvault], see Economy for more information.

Gaining Residents

By this point you’ve got a town and would like some people to help you build and pay your taxes. It is firstly recommended that you get permission to add someone to your town before you add them however that is not a requirement.

To invite people to your town type: /t invite [name]

You must either be a member of town management (owner or assistant) or a helper of the town.

They will then have to accept or deny their request and their answer will be shown to you in chat.