What is UHC?

It’s a Minecraft game mode where everyone starts off scattered randomly in the world with nothing. They have to gear up, battle monsters, and fight players to be the last person/team standing. The catch is: you cannot regenerate health naturally. You must use a golden apple or a healing potion.

UHC runs with a setup and meetup timeline, meaning you play for so long and then at a certain point the border will start to shrink and PvP will be forced upon you. Although the game is last person standing generally it’s run in teams with either random or even chosen teams, this means a microphone is basically required for good communication. Additionally, there are rule sets for scenarios, timings, nether on or off and several different methods of running these events, these are displayed below.

What are the settings?

In order to halt confusion of the settings, every game Dominion runs or is apart of we will inform you of all the settings we can and you may find out about these here. The first setting is the border size of the world, this is reported as the border size of the world at the start and the end of the game. The next is when the meetup point actually is and how long / fast the border will take to reach the smallest point.

Other settings include the use of golden heads, notch apples, ender pearl damage, flint rates and if the nether is on. These are all the basic rule sets for most games and for the most part will not be messed with. In addition to these rules is the concept of friendly fire which happens during team games and if on means you can hurt your team mate. Finally there are scenarios of which some are explained below.


Scenarios are a method of keeping things a little fresh with game modes to help boost along the game or just for a little more fun. They are not as common within Dominion run UHC events however we have become a custom to them after the joint events and use them occasionally.

A common scenario is Hastey boys, this one basically gives you efficiency 3 and unbreaking 1 on all tools. This one is there just to help people get a head start. Flower power is a random generation scenario allowing any item to be gathered when you break a flower. This is just a silly scenario. All Scenario information is clearly marked when reading the UHC information for the event.

What are the rules?

  1. Toxicity is NOT ALLOWED. We understand that you may get heated and it’s fine to have a little banter however toxicity which gets out of hand will not be aloud and we’ll ensure you know when it is.
  2. Use of mods outside of Badlion client and performance mods (such as optifine) are NOT ALLOWED at this event. You are also not allowed to use toggle sneak within Badlion as this allows you to sneak whilst in your inventory.
  3. Xray or cave finders are NOT ALLOWED at this event. This should go without saying but do not install X-ray and expect us not to find out and remove you. Use of X-ray could lead to you being banned from the respective server you are apart of.

Join Us

Dominion is a tight knit community server that has recently seen a significant increase in popularity. Due to this, we will now only be accepting great/exceptional applications.

If this server seems like a good fit for you, please take your time in filling out your application and be sure to be clear why you think you would be a good fit for our community.

To apply join our discord server and apply with the form and instructions in the #whitelist-applicaiton channel.

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